domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Foobar + Stuff

Hi net searcher or reader:
I'm gonna start with my last and recently compilation which took me about a week to configure and search info in the net, I remember being searching a particular component for foobar 1.1 which would show "What im listening in msn" same as winamp, and in fact I did found some of them right in the second page of google but guess what?, it was compiled for older version of foobar, also I tried to compile the source with the new SDK for the last player version, but as im not a good programmer (newbie basically but trying to learn something) I didn't success doing it.
Irritated for spending about 1 hour for nothing, i left everything as it was and uninstall foobar.
Anyway the next day I was inspired for no reason, don't know why, but since that day until the next 6 days, I began to search complements for foobar because the give a lot of support with complements in their website as in the Forum; im not an active user by the way but I spend really good time searching in there.
Indeed I found the complement i could compile myself (the msn one) there.

Finally I would thank those guys who make the complements and give serious support.
Also the foobar staff, and all their fans.
I just mix what they publish so all the credits goes to them.

Note: Must know that all of this is basically oriented for people who doesn't want to lose time choosing complements, I made this with the best intentions, lazy people should try this too. Mainly for common users who doesn't know how to install complements and why not? quality Headphones lovers like me.

Feel free to comment but be good at criticism I have feelings too.

Oh right the program:
Compiled Version 1.2 (not foobar(1.1))
Version portable (no app, but with an auto-installer and uninstaller thanks to the InfoTeam™)
The link for the package is here:  Host Mediafire (Click Here)
And just in case a mirror thanks to Dropbox: (Click Here)
I should put a screenshot:

Note: The lyrics option will only work if the ID tag Is properly configured (I mean the artist and the track) alt+enter when selected to edit it (properties)

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